Pianostar – More Vintage Wersi

Wersi Pianostar S2000 / T2000

First, thanks Carlos for another great find! This time it’s the Pianostar. If you enjoyed the recent post on vintage Wersi organs, you should also appreciate this article. We owned one of these at the same time we had our Spectra and a Pegasus.


The full article can be found here.

In an ambitious new direction for the company they have succeeded in producing an upright piano that looks and more importantly, feels like a traditional acoustic piano. A lot of attention has gone into the correct weighting of each key and its smoothness of action.

A portable version, the Pianostar T2000, is also available without amps and speakers. The keyboard range is reduced from seven octaves to six and the cabinet is finished in black rexine and a heavy molded plastic material.