Industry Profile: Wersi Electronics

The History of Wersi Electronics

Just in you missed Bill’s comment over on the Photo Gallery¬†you really need to read this article on the history of Wersi Electronics. Here’s a small snippet:

The story of the German Company of Wersi Electronics began in 1968 when the priest from St. Goars on the Rhine asked a well known young electronics expert in the town, Reinhard Franz, to repair his electronic organ. Wilhelm Franz, his older brother, quickly recognized the potential of setting up a business in the field of electronic music. They both worked intensively on the idea of developing an electronic organ with the newest technology down in the cellar of their parent’s house in Werlau. Soon the first Wersi organ was made and in 1969, the Company premises were established in the small town of Halsenbach near the Lorelei Rock on the river Rhine.

Here, the team of young engineers produced electronic organs as do-it-yourself kits with easy-to-follow assembly manuals. The idea of building a home electronic organ not only appealed to the German public but quite unintentionally from the outset brought the Wersi kits to many people who initially could not play, as well as to the enthusiastic hobbyist and professional musician.

You can find the complete article here.

Industry Profile: Wersi Electronics
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