Festival Time!

Big weekend coming up if you are a Wersi fan. Looks like a few folks that follow our site will be attending. Lucky them! We look forward to hearing all about it.

If you are not able to attend this year’s show, start making your plans to attend the 2018 show. Check out the line-up for 2018. One thing the jumps out is the variety of instruments that are planned. Franz Lambert on Wersi Louve, Max Takano (in his only european appearance in 2018) on a Yamaha ELS O2C,  Brett Wales on Wersi OAX, Dirkjan Ranzijn on Bohm, Bernd Wurzenrainer on Wersi Helios, Florian Hutter on Wersi Spectra and Wersi OAX, Alex Payler on Yamaha ELS 02C and Ben Scott-Hyde also on Wersi. In addition to good music there will be workshops and group session where you will be able to dive under the covers to share and learn with others.

Reminds me a little of some of the shows that were held in the states many, many years ago. How many folks attended the AOI (or was it AOAI) shows in Florida or the Asilomar show out in California? Sadly, those days are long gone along. Most of the organ manufacturers brought both their latest models and professional players to show you what their latest and greatest instruments could really do. Over they years we were lucky enough to attend and enjoyed many great performances.

The 2018 Oktoberfest will be held at the Huntingdon Marriott hotel. Huntingdon Marriott is located just past the A14/A1 Junction in Cambridgeshire. The festival brings organ artists and fans from across the world together in the UK.


** WersiClubUSA is not affiliated in anyway with the show. For more information, contact the folks at Wersi Direct. **