We added a new category

In preparation for our upcoming deeper dive into using VST’s on OAX, we went back and created a new category on the site called “VST”. Notice on the top of this post there is a small VST button. If you click on that you can see the various posts in the VST category. That should make things easier to find as we move forward and continue the discussions on this topic. I could be wrong but based on past comments this might be a hot topic?

I spent a little bit of time yesterday re-visiting the Hauptwerk install we did on our Sonic a few months back. The very first thing that is clear? We need to re-connect a mouse to the Sonic to make it a little easier to navigate through some of the menus and buttons on the VST. Some of the buttons are pretty small and hard to hit when using my big fat fingers on the touch screen! 🙂

Our next step will be to install the same VST’s (Hauptwerk, Konkat, the GSi VB3, Audrio and others) where we can mess with them on a dedicated P/C along with a small MIDI keyboard. That will allow us to compare and see things working as expected via the various vendors without OAX involved.

At this point we have no plans to purchase any software so we will be working with the various “demo” versions. That should give us plenty of insight into how / if they work on OAX. Who knows – we might like one so much that we end up writing out the big check to get a full blown version – We shall see!