The VST fun continues!

We are just about ready to install Kontakt on our Sonic. Using our test lab, we were able to simulate the config we expect we will need for the install on OAX. If you have done any VST installs yourself, or watched any of our videos on that topic, you know that you “point” the OAX VST host to the *. dll’s of a VST. Kontakt can run stand-alone or  “inside” of a VST host of some kind. That could be your favorite DAW (we have tried it on both Cakewalk Sonar and Apple’s Logic Pro) or the case we want – “inside” of OAX.

Need to take care of a few things this morning first but we hope to share a screen shot of Kontakt running on our Sonic later today… 🙂

Fun with VST’s Part 3

One thought on “The VST fun continues!

  • 08/05/2017 at 09:38

    Hi Curt

    Providing you are using the same Kontakt in OAX and your main computer then any setup (Voice, multi etc.) you save in one, (Excluding input/output which is done in the respective VST Host) can be loaded into the other.

    When you have installed Kontakt in OAX, load a multi, and look in the channel selector to see if multi is available, (Depending on how the host is setup you may just have Omni and the channel numbers) if so, use this in OAX as you will then mot need to load sounds for each channel. (Note: the VST Host may do it automatically negating the need for this step)

    Have fun



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