Kontakt Up and Running on OAX 1.45-02

Tip of the hat to both Bill and Carlo for helping get us to this point. More work to be done but this a huge step forward and opens the door to lot’s of future options.

Carlo ran into a similar issue working with UVIWorkstation running with OAX. For more on our issue you can catch up here.

Carlo found there are some limits to the number of outputs that OAX can support and there is a fix coming for that from Wersi. Along the way Bill mentioned there are multiple *.dll files shipped with Kontakt. One is in support of running with 8 outputs. Sure enough, gave that a try and it’s now working! Real quick test and it played just fine.

Let me do a little work on setting up some User Sounds and connecting up more than one MIDI channel from OAX to Kontakt. We will post a few bars of something using all Kontakt sounds soon.

Top Screen = Using “Kontakt 5 8out.dll”
Bottom Screen = Using “Kontakt 5.dll”