Itsy-Bitsy Baby Steps

Pretty sure this has been a tough topic (VST) to follow along with as we have been all over the map. We are learning a ton and still have ton to learn. We get so excited when we get something figured out we want to share it with everyone and put up a post without tying all the pieces together. Bare with us. Once we get just a little smarter (or would that be dangerous?) we will try to circle back and put everything in a nice logical order that you can follow along with. Who knows, we might even try to do a couple of videos in hopes it will make more sense to everyone.

So, where are we?

  • We have moved past our initial issue that caused OAX to crash when Kontakt was loaded.
  • We started with just one sound assigned to MIDI channel 1 and we were able to play sounds from the upper keyboard.
  • We are now up to the point of having multiple sounds playing on separate MIDI channels and a couple of  “User Sounds” set up in OAX to allow that to happen.
    • If you followed along when we setup our Roland Integra7 with OAX we mentioned a naming convention for user sounds.
      • In that case, since we were working with a Roland device, we started the name of each (OAX User) sound with “R”.
    • Following the same logic we started the names of our test sounds in Kontakt with a “K”.
    • Below you can see we have three “K” sounds registered. One on Upper1, Lower1 and Pedal1.

At this point we need to spend some time working with Kontakt and understand the various options it provides for mapping sounds and think about how we will setup not only Kontakt, but the OAX side of things.