System Performance – A new category on the site

Wow! Lot’s of discussion over the past 12 hours. We added a new category to help filter posts that touch on this new and exciting topic! Over on the right side of any page on the site you can scroll down to select from various categories. As for the new “System Performance” category I went back and tagged a few of the recent posts the touch on the topic or have spawned comments regarding performance.

As others have said – There are probably only a handful of folks scattered around the world that are treading down this path and pretty sure a good percentage of them are involved in the discussion of using VST’s on OAX (or OAS) right here! 🙂

Don’t let all of this scare you off. Hopefully you find it interesting even if you have no intentions of ever trying it yourself. But if do – You will be amazed at the quality of sounds that are out there.

Now, where I did I leave my “Real Ale” ?