VST Prep Continues

It might seem like we are not working on the VST / OAX project that we recently mentioned? Rest assured – we are!

A little background. If you are a “techie” we hope you enjoy the steps we are taking. I hate to say it but we do expect some “issues” as we dive into installing and configuring various VST’s on OAX. Based on that we decided to do two setups to learn about VST’s and OAX integration.

  1. We plan to install each VST on a standard Windows 10 PC.
    1. We will be using a Roland A-800 MIDI Controller for our “keyboard”.
    2. We will connect that keyboard to our PC via a Focusrite 6i6 Audio / MIDI interface.
  2. One minor thing to mention:
    1. The “PC” we are installing on is a “virtual machine”. Some may now it as a VM. If you are not familiar with the concept we are using VMWare software. There are a ton of hypervisors out on the market. Although we are now retired, we spent a gazillion years running decent sized computer rooms. Our employer bought into both the idea of running thousands of Windows servers as VM’s.  As a result, we own a personal copy of VMWare Workstation which allows you to build an extensive configuration for testing purposes or isolating workloads.
    2. One of the slick things you can do is create a “snapshot” of a VM before you make any changes. Next, install a VST or for that matter, any piece of software or configuration change you need to make. If all goes well great, you can delete the snapshot and move on. If things don’t go quite to plan you can restore from the snapshot and your “PC” will be in the exact state it was before you made any changes.
    3. The best part – Working with snapshots literately only takes seconds.

Stay tuned…