VST Fun Continues

We posted a comment yesterday about our progress on messing around with VST’s .  One thing that might not have been clear in that post, while we are talking about all this ‘VM / PC” mumbo-jumbo, we will be following along and doing the same installs on the OAX side.

The whole idea behind setting up a separate / dedicated Windows 10 based PC, will allow us to learn more about what the vendor expects to see. As we have mentioned. That may / may not be how things look when installing and configuring under OAX.

As part of that, we went back and did a full re-install of Windows 10 on our test VM. At this point, we are running nothing more than a default Microsoft Win10 default install on that VM. The install of our first VST will take place in the coming days.




2 thoughts on “VST Fun Continues

  • 07/30/2017 at 15:26

    Thanks Bill, I’ll take a look. One other option that would be interesting to try. VMware provides a utility to virtualize a physical machine. While the basic Windows O/S would probably work there might be some issues with the h/w side of things since the VM would be looking for the “organ” and most likely spit out various errors.

    None the less, it would be interesting to try just to see what happens. Maybe after we get a VST or two up and running. I need to go dig up a few of the notes you sent in the past and plan to try some effects VST’s in addition to just an “instrument”.

    Along the same lines, I still have the VSTHost” program you mentioned a while back to play around with and learn a little more about.

    We should be able to start fooling around a little more this coming week.

  • 07/30/2017 at 05:29

    Hi Curt

    If you go into settings in OAX, and then select the documents button, you will find a document that tells you how Win 10 is modified for an OAX instrument, (I.E. All the settings Wersi use) so you could use these settings with your VM setup to match as close as possible with the OAX setup. (There is also a document that tells you how Wersi has setup the BIOS on the Motherboard, if you really want to go native)

    Have fun



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