The Towering PC

It’s a beast! It simply towers over the Sonic… Do we need it? Nope! Do we enjoy fooling with it, the Sonic and other toys that are attached? Yep!


What is it? Well, it’s a couple of things but mostly FUN!

  1. A touch screen PC (Windows based):
    1. Couple of internal drives and enough RAM and CPU to allow us to run most DAW’s, VST’s and also display sheet music
    2. For a DAW, we are a long time user of Cakewalk Sonar
    3. Sonar comes with a collection of VST’s. We have also added Additive Keys Grand Piano , Konkat 5 player, and Hauptwerk Virtual Pipe Organ to the list of installed VST’s.
    4. That gives us WAY more sounds then we will ever need. Don’t be surprised if we add to the VST collection over time… Well, just because! 🙂
  2. An external sound module. (Roland Integra7)
    1. It was collecting dust in the closet – Might as well hook it up. See how we can control it from the Sonic.
  3. An audio and MIDI interface (Focusrite Scarlett 6i6) that lets us connect the two above and the Sonic all together.

As for the physical connections:

  • Sonic Port 1 MIDI out to Focusrite MIDI In
    • This lets us send MIDI data to Sonar or the VST’s running on the PC.
  • Sonic Port 2 MIDI out to Roland Sound Module MIDI In
    • This lets us play and control the Roland Sound module from the Sonic.
  • Focusrite MIDI Out to Sonic Port 2 MIDI In
    • This lets us play back MIDI files via Sonar and the PC on the Sonic.
  • Roland S/PDIF Out to Focusrite S/PDIF In
    • This sends the audio output from the Roland module to the PC.
  • Focusrite Audio Out 1 & 2 to Sonic Audio In L & R
    • This sends the audio signal from the PC to the Sonic.
      • That includes all sounds from the Roland module along with the VST’s we have installed on the PC.
  • Who knows? Maybe at some point we will upgrade to a set of external speakers vs. using the internal speakers on our 700.

How are you using your Wersi? Send us some pictures of your studio setup. We would be happy to host a collection of pictures for everyone to enjoy.