Our First Studio Upgrade? Simple, add a UPS.

Not all that exciting but it is the first upgrade to our studio. Just purchased a small UPS that we will use in support of providing power to our Sonic and future gear that will be located in the same room. In addition, we will also have a “Whole-Home” protector installed giving us two levels of protection.

Why would you do that you ask? We happen to be located in the “Sunshine State”. As it turns out, Florida is known to hold the title for the lightning capitol of the United States. In 2012, The National Lightning Detection Network detected a total of 901,381 flashes in the Sunshine State. The greatest number¬†of strikes take place during the summer.

Fall, Winter, Spring or Summer, the cost of a UPS vs. the cost of the Sonic РSeems like a no-brainer!

Do you have any type of power protection in place?