Midi In / Midi Out – What a Mess!


** Updated 02/09/17 **

The problem we were having has been solved! Here’s how we fixed it.

No – It won’t look like this when we are done but it is quite the mess right now!

We recently posted a video showing the ability to control an external sound module via MIDI from OAX. We have moved on to the next phase of our project which was to connect up our Sonic to an external PC.

We have a couple of questions for folks that have an OAS instrument:

On OAS, can you use the instrument as a sound module? By that I mean running a DAW on a PC and via MIDI In, play sounds on the organ. Or the opposite – Can you assign a sound to Upper 1 and via MIDI out, record the MIDI events in a DAW?

Much to surprise I’m finding that I’m not able to do that in OAX. As long as I create a User Sound and map that sound to a MIDI out the MIDI events can be sent on all three outs (1,2 & USB). There doesn’t appear to be a way to assign one of the internal sounds to any MIDI out! If I have a MIDI file loaded in the DAW and “play” it through any MIDI In – Nothing.

All of the above works exactly as expected by simply swapping the cables to our Roland module so I know the cables / connections are good. I also connected a MIDI controller keyboard directly to the Sonic. So, no PC, interface, etc. Simply MIDI Out of the controller to MIDI In of the Sonic and nothing!

I am 100% sure this worked on the CD series. I’ve sent a note off to Wersi to verify but curious if OAS works the same way? If the above is true it changes my overall thoughts on how I planned to use an external PC.