Jazzical – A new Music Genre?

Some of you will know us as IMMusic and some will have no idea what that means. Either way РNot a problem. Back in the day, we released a number of play along disks (at the time, we were partnered with Hal Leonard Publishing). We are thinking about doing that again and looking for your input and if would you be interested?

This time around we would offer a tune(s) for download. It’s up to you to find the music, although we would release in what we believe to be the most common version of the tune, so for the most part, you should be able to to follow along using the music you already own.

We have always enjoyed offering a unique arrangement to a tune vs. playing it “as written”. We ask two things. Take a listen to below and also respond to our survey. Based on the feedback received we will decide what happens next.

Thanks in advance for taking both the time to listen and respond!

  1. Take a listen (we could offer this up without the melody line so you could play along) or would you just prefer to “listen”?
  2. Take a quick survey so we can compile the responses.