We are Moving!

When we first started this site, it was created as a “Blog.” It sure did seem like a good idea at the time! We have since learned that a much better idea would have been to set up a “Forum.” While there are several differences between the two, the most important is the ability to start a new discussion topic without our involvement.

With this post, we are implementing a pretty big change to help improve that. Over on our sister site, IMMusic, we have implemented a forum. We have started it off with a handful of topics that deal with music and technology. One of the forums is dedicated to you, our Wersi friends.

While we could slowly migrate content from one site to the other, we decided to jump in headfirst and disable comments on this site and encourage everyone to continue the excellent discussions over in the new forum. Please comment on not only this change, but feel free to start new discussion topics regarding your Wersi, or join in on some of the other topics just getting started there.

We welcome your feedback and see you over in the new forum!