Is Your Sonic the Same as Mine?

You might be surprised how different your Sonic is

Not sure if we mentioned it in a post on the site or not but sometime in the past month or so Spike took delivery of a brand new OAX 800. Spike lives about an hour and a half away, so we took a ride over to check it out. As we all chat back and forth about “all things Wersi” we sometimes ask each other which model or what version of OAX are you running. One would assume that if you have a Sonic and I have a Sonic, both running OAX 1.51, it should work the same… Maybe / Maybe not!

Here are a few things (I’m sure there are probably more) that I noticed when visiting with Spike. For reference, I have a Sonic 700 that is roughly 2 1/2 years old. As mentioned above Spike has a Sonic 800 that is roughly a month old. I didn’t write down the motherboard info regarding what was in the 800, but it is different. The 800 has two memory slots and arrived with 16 GB installed. My 700 has four memory slots and came with 8GB of memory installed. We all know that Wersi recommends against upgrading Windows on your Sonic yet Spike’s 800 has a newer version of Windows than I have.

From the outside except for the Upper keyboard, you would think cabinets were similar. Nope – Completely different! The 800 opens up differently in the back, and it’s a little harder to get to some of the internal electronics than on my 700. I could be wrong, but it sure looked like the speakers mounted on the top inside of the organ were bigger on the 800 also.

Of course, the 800 does have one additional set of drawbars (percussion), but it also has more volume drawbars for the upper and lower manuals. Along with that, there are four more “Sound Effect” buttons and access to a few other things in the Drawbar section via more buttons the 700 doesn’t have. I noticed when I’d upgrade OAX that you get prompted for which model you are installing on. That made sense as you can clearly see some of the physical differences between various models. You know like the number of pedals, the number, and size of keyboards. Not so obvious are some of the other “hidden” differences.

Since the PC is a commodity item, I do understand those parts will evolve over time. Same with the level of Windows. I’m tempted to upgrade but will most likely leave the level of Windows in my 700 as-is. It’s working just fine.

All of that makes we want to open up a 500/600 and a Pergamon 1000 just to compare. So OAX 1.51 running on your Sonic might work the same as your friends Sonic or it might not!