External Connections on your Sonic

If you are considering upgrading to the latest Wersi Sonic / OAX class instrument, regardless of if you are coming from an older Wersi generation, or another instrument brand, we hope that you find this information, along with all of our other posts useful. We would love to hear your feedback and comments. Positive or negative – Don’t be shy!

One thing we struggled with when considering our purchase of an OAX700  was the nuts-n-bolts and under the covers details. For us, simply seeing a few pictures of things would have gone a long way in helping us better understand the instrument. Although we searched all the various Wersi sites we could find online, we were not able to find the details that were of interest to us. We are about 950 miles from the closet Wersi retailer, where we could actually touch-n-feel an instrument. That basically left us with the “online” options to learn from.

As a result, we started this site to share things we were not able to find online in hopes to help others better understand the overall layout and options available on an OAX class instrument.

With that said – Let’s take a look at the type of connections available to you for external connectivity. Again, these pictures are from an OAX700. There may be some minor differences in the overall layout depending on which model you open up.

Starting off with the back of the instrument opened up. On the far left side you see a power supply (hint – there is an on/off switch located here that you might need). In our case, the instrument was delivered with that switch in the off position. Said another way – Touching the on/off button on the front console of the organ did NOTHING – until we located this switch and moved it to the on position.

Just to the right of that you see the magical remote control for the music stand. That is attached via Velcro for safe keeping inside of the instrument. The small white cable you see right in front of the control is the antenna for that.


Just below the remote you will find what we call the “PC Connections”. Pretty standard stuff located here, a few USB (both 2.0 and 3.0) ports. These are in addition to the USB 2.0 ports located on the front right of the instrument, Also note there are connections for network and an additional monitor.


Keep moving to the right and the next thing you will find are inputs allowing you to connect a microphone and other audio signals. The overall level of those signals can be controlled from the Mixers located under the settings section of OAX.


All the way over on the far right are the MIDI connections. Note that you have multiple MIDI In’s and Outs and also the option to work with MIDI over USB. Under the MIDI connections you will find audio outputs should you want to send the signal from the Sonic to other gear. The cables you see unplugged actually go to Output 1 Left and Right. I disconnected them to allow a better look at the connections in the picture.


Located down on the front bottom right of the instrument, next to the pedal-board, you will find two more audio outs. If you are using your instrument in a stage / concert setting this allows you to be facing the audience and have your power and audio connections facing away from the crowd, so they don’t see any of the connections to the instrument.


As you can see, a nice compliment of connections are available allowing for many different configurations depending on your needs. Now, connect away!