Do You Own a Wersi? Any Model / Vintage?

So, do you own a Wersi instrument? John posted a great question on our Facebook page this morning:

Hi, I’m John from the Netherlands, I have a question, why only OAX and not OAS or analog organ subjects on the WERSIClubUSA?

Some of you already know that we currently own a Sonic. When we were considering that purchase we found basically nothing online to let us “see” the organ. A few pictures on the MusicStore and sites but really not much detail about OAX. So we started our site. Having said that we are certainly not limited to OAX and we welcome owners of all Wersi instruments to join in on the discussions.

Granted we are not set up as a “bulletin board” site so you can’t actually start your own thread. Certainly something we can consider if there is enough interest from others? Let me suggest that anyone that would like to start a conversation on any thing Wersi related comment on this post and I’ll at least start a new post to keep that conversation going.