A PC Under the Covers

Most customers know that under the covers of a shiny new Sonic is a PC. Yes, PC as in Personal Computer. Ever wonder a little about that? First, you will find Windows 10 as the operating system. “OAX” is the application running on top of that to interface with the keyboards, all those pretty silver buttons on the console, the touchscreen and some additional code that Wersi wrote. Magically, from all of that, you can make music and have a ton of fun!

Here’s a quick summary of what you will find if you peek under the covers. You can read a little more about the processor (an Intel i7-4790K) or at your favorite “geeky” PC site. Another point of interest is the storage. No, not the 8 GB of RAM, but the storage device where you save information, such as a user preset or an audio recording. All of that information along with the Windows and OAX code is kept on a Crucial MX300 275GB SATA SSD . In our case, we have saved a handful of MIDI sequences along with a few MP3 files and have ~230 GB of free space on the drive. Plenty of room to continue saving “user” data. If, by chance you start to run short, you could always add an external drive via one of the USB ports.

Of course none of this info has much to do with playing music but if you are a true Wersi fan, maybe dating back to the days of building your own organ, just some FFTN (Fun Facts to Know) – 🙂

Screenshots taken directly from our Sonic: