The “X” Days of Christmas – Day 8

Well, we changed things again for Day 8 (Like to keep you guys on your toes!). First, the easy part. The tune this time is Jingle Bells. Guessing you could figure out from the graphic? 🙂 Now the tricky part. Don’t get mad at us… First, no Sonic in this video. 🙁 Second, we have a different player. While I’ve heard of “middle C”, Ric (playing in this video) can actually play “middle C”.  So while this is still based on a MIDI file, we did something a little different this time. We muted the piano tracks and Ric is playing those parts live along with the sequence. Part of that is just piano accompaniment, no different than a pianist would play in a band setting and there are also times where the piano player will take the lead part. We replicated that idea.

On a side note – the piano a VST. Remember some of the discussions we had on that a few months back? In this case, it’s the Hammersmith from Soniccouture. If you are interested, the keyboard is from Native instruments and it’s the S61 MK2 model.

Why did I even post this if it’s not Wersi related? Here’s what I’m thinking of. A series of posts and videos over the next month or two. We have some folks that are interested in using the styles that are just part of OAX and the accompaniment tracks they provide. We also have some folks that have asked about the new “Style Sequence” feature in OAX. We even have a brave soul that is interested in creating their own styles from scratch. And finally, you have me in the MIDI File or “backing track” camp. Figure we will touch on each of those a little and compare them. They all have a place and we can use all of them on OAX.

As always – We welcome feedback from everyone. Running out of ideas to talk about so going to give this a try and see where it takes us. For now, enjoy below.

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