What Sounds Would You Like?

We, and other “club members”, have mentioned different vendors that allow you to expand the sounds on your OAX/OAS instrument by adding a VST (or two). Recently, we have been working with Kontakt and earlier this year, we added Hauptwerk to our Sonic, in support of adding pipe organ sounds.

We thought we would share what we have installed at this point and let you take a quick listen to a couple of short demos. After you take a listen, take our survey and let’s see what sounds folks are most interested in?

** Updated 09/01/17 — Survey results **

Not counting Hauptwerk, which was installed months ago, we started off with the Hammersmith Grand Piano from Soniccouture a couple of weeks ago. Actually, we have finished the arrangement of the Moonlight Sonata and there are a few other tracks in the final arrangement, but for now – Here’s just a few bars of the piano and bass tracks:

Next, we added Session Horns Pro from Native Instruments to our collection:

Over the weekend we added in two new Guitars. One is called Evolution Steel Strings and the other one is called Evolution Jazz Archtop. Both are excellent and from Orange Tree Samples:

Next on our list will be “Strings”. Many of you have posted about Albion One. No question – VERY Nice. We are currently considering adding the Symphony Series Collection from Native Instruments. Also – VERY Nice!

Don’t forget – take our survey and let’s see what sounds folks are most interested in?