Wersi OAX 2.00-02 is Available


**Version 2.00-03 corrects the issues discussed below **

Bei der Version 2.00-02 handelt es sich um eine Zwischenversion, bei der Fehler im Bereich der Begleitautomatik bereiningt wurden. In der Funktionalität ist sie jedoch identisch mit der Version 2.00. (Es werden alle 4 Dateien benötigt!)

Said another way: The version 2.00-02 is an intermediate version in which errors in the automatic accompaniment were included. In terms of functionality, however, it is identical to version 2.00. (All 4 files are needed!)

That didn’t translate perfectly but we get the point. There are some fixes to the automatic accompaniment. The new version takes about 15 minutes to install and during that time you can see all the styles and samples being copied over. Not sure if all or some were replaced but there are quite a few replaced during the upgrade.

If you are interested you can download from here. Thanks John – A great find!

OAX_2.00.02 Upgrade Completed.
OAX_2.00.02 Upgrade Completed.