VST / Drawbar Fun – Help!

Looking for a little help from any OAX owners that have ventured into the VST world. Roland (a WersiClubUSA member) sent us a question about configuring Auderio Revival Drawbars on OAX. We are about 50% of the way to getting it to work.

We were able to load the VST, display it and even hear a default drawbar sound. However, controlling it (adjusting the drawbars, effects, etc.) from within OAX is proving to be a bit of a challenge. Anyone else in the group want to take a run at it and share what you learn with the rest of us?

We have a couple more ideas and plan to fool around with it a little more this week.

On a side note:

Bill – I downloaded “VSTHost” to virtual Windows PC I have and while I was able to load the VST – So far, not able to “play it”.  As always, your expertise is welcome.

Comments from all are more than WELCOME!