VB3-II Hammond Organ

Genuine Software and Instruments (GSI)

For all the Hammond / drawbar fans out there Jeff has shared some information that you may be interested in:


Genuine Software and Instruments (GSI) have recently released a new version of their VB3 Hammond Organ software, VB3-II. Wersi owners will be familiar with this product line. An older version was made available as an optional VST plug-in on OAS models, and the previous version is one of the standard drawbar units on OAX models. Since this is a completely new product, not an update, I thought it would be useful to try it out, see what it can do and report my findings in a review of the product. I think the review will be of particular interest to those OAX owners seeking a better drawbar sound on their instruments, and to OAS owners who have upgraded their instruments to run this type of software on a second processor.

You can find the review on the WersiClub UK website in the ‘Latest News & Site Additions’ section at http://www.wersiclub-ukfocus.org.uk/

or you can view/download it directly at http://www.wersiclub-ukfocus.org.uk/Jeff%20Ormerod/VB3%20II%20Review.pdf

If you have any questions or require further information on the product, I’ll be happy to respond.