This is the VST we keep talking about

We have been babbling about installing Kontakt for the past week or two and here is where we are at this point. There are a TON of VST’s on the market. Some are free, some are not. As with most things, you get what you pay for. For us, and what we are looking to do, this appears to be our best option. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of sound libraries that support the Kontakt player. You can review a small example here. Not enough? There are LOT’s more – Just Google it.

As of this post, we are so close – yet, so far away! This might be as simple as a single mouse click that we missed along the way, or not. For now, a complete failure on the OAX side yet, it has worked exactly as expected everywhere else. 🙁

If you have not been following along, review our recent posts showing that we have a basic setup working in our test setup (BUT – with no Wersi software in the mix). Everything in that setup works as expected. In addition, we also have Kontakt installed as a VST within Sonar and Logic Pro X and yep, it works exactly as expected.

Tomorrow is a new day and we LOVE a challenge. We will be taking another run at this at the crack of dawn. It might be as simple as walking away for a few hours and in the morning we will have a “DUH” moment or ??? What have done so far?

  1. Installed “Native Applications”. This allows you to download whatever NI (Native Instruments) you own and update them as updates are released.
  2. Once that completed used the above to install the Kontakt5 Player.
  3. Next, install the Kontakt Factory Section (this is the free sample library).
    • It’s includes enough basic sounds to show you how things work and what is possible.
    • From here you would purchase / add other samples.

We are at the P/C level on the Sonic and the “Native Applications” app is up and running and we have two out of three modules that we are interested in installed. The 3rd one was installing when we took the screenshot and at this point has completed:



We can “load” the VST from OAX and launch it – What you see is Kontakt up and running within OAX BUT connected to nothing.


At this point we can hit some keys on the upper keyboard and Kontakt does respond (meaning we can see MIDI data coming in). That’s a good thing — BUT — as soon as we attempt to connect Kontakt to the outputs OAX crashes and well, this says it all.