That Pesky MIDI Conflict

Working with “Fixed” Channels in OAX and the MIDI Conflict They Can Create

This topic has come up once or twice over the past couple of months. With our recent series of Ketron videos that pesky MIDI conflict is back! We really don’t have a fix for it, but we attempt to show you what it is, how you can stumble across it and finally that it does require a little planning, but you can work around it.

Unfortunately, you do need to plan out what sounds and MIDI channels you are going to use. If you take the time to ensure you are not attempting to use the same MIDI channel on multiple voice selectors at the same time it will work.

The video is a little long, but we encourage you to watch until the end where we show four external MIDI sounds (which just happens to be what you might want to do if you are a Ketron user) along with additional internal OAX sounds in use at the same time. We will be sharing a video with more info from the Ketron point of view and why four unique MIDI channels make sense should you want to play more than one voice from an externally attached Ketron device.

We welcome feedback from everyone as this is a tough one to explain and help with but it can be done. Don’t be shy – Ask questions!