Styles, MIDI and Audio Files – Part 2 of ??

Two things we would like to go over as we continue this topic. First, there are two ways to find / select a Style to play along with. As you collect more Styles, or create your own, you might find the second option will allow a quicker way to sort and filter your Style collection. The second half of the video shows a short example of taking a factory style and changing what instruments are used and saving as a new User Style.

You can take the idea above and use it a couple of different ways. One is the what we show in the video, where you simply change what instruments the auto accompaniment section plays. You might be surprised how that can change the over feel of a factory pattern from something you don’t care for, to something you love to play along with!

Another idea is to mute accompaniment parts that you don’t want, or care for, in a factory Style. While you can use the “bass” volume slider to turn the volume down on the bass line, allowing you to play your own bass line on the pedals, there is only one “Acc” volume drawbar.

What if you only want two of the five possible parts? Yes, you can go into the “Mixer” screen and do that, but the changes are not saved. If you take the idea above one step further and go into the Style/Edit section, you can make the needed changes and save that as a new User Style.

Try it!

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