Still Looking for “Alternate” Drawbar Sounds?

It’s been quite a while (I think we all talked about this back in the early Summer 2017 timeframe?). The discussion was about looking for alternate drawbar sounds.

No secret to anyone that follows our site that we are big into VST’s. I’ll also add that we are OK with the default drawbars that are part of OAX. Said another way, we have no plans of installing this. On top of that, we have already had another drawbar VST. More on that in a second.

For those of you still looking for options, we ran across this site in a Facebook group that we follow. As already mentioned, we are not installing, have no plans to install, nor are we endorsing. Simply passing along for folks to take a look and listen and then make their own decision. They have quite a bit of information on their site and some demos you can watch and listen to.

Here’s one of the videos. If you are interested, you can find out more directly on their site.


Back to that other drawbar VST we mentioned. It’s from Native Instruments and is called “Vintage Organs.” You might ask why we have this if we are happy with the OAX drawbars in our Sonic? We recently picked up a Komplete Kontrol S61 MKII keyboard, and that comes with something called Komplete Select. “Select” is a bundle of 11 instruments, one of them being the Vintage Organ module.

Alternate Drawbar


Take a look and listen to both and let us know if either of these is closer to what you are looking for if you are not happy with the default OAX drawbar sounds.