So MANY Choices!

Over the past week or so we showed you two different ways to start Kontakt, as part of simply turning on your Sonic. Overall, the impact was pretty much the same. Now, we expected that as we loaded the same handful of samples. Next, we get into the interesting discussion of multiple ways to load samples, how many samples do you need loaded, and how to map those to OAX as a user sound and ultimately include sounds in a user preset. Should I use a Kontakt “multi”, a Kontakt “instrument bank”, what is this thing called “quickload”. Wait, what MIDI channel does OAX use for Upper 2 again? All interesting questions!

As much as we have tried to stay away from talking about Kontakt details we feel we need to tell you a few things about it to help you decide what configuration might work best for you. I think we might have already said this? If we did, we’ll say it again, if we didn’t we’ll say it now. There is no “right” way, but there is the way that makes the most sense to you.

A handful of you have commented on what you have learned on your VST journeys. At this point we are just about dangerous enough to also share what we have learned and how we think we will implement on our Sonic. We say that knowing there is about a 105% chance we will make some (many) changes in our configuration as we continue to use and learn more about it.

A side note – We are in the path (the little black circle is where we are located) of our new friend Hurricane Irma. There is a pretty good chance you will not hear much from us until she blows through here. For all of our friends on the east-coast of the U.S., stay safe and stay in touch as you can.

For now, keep “VST-ing” and we will talk to everyone on the other side of the storm.