Sampling Fun with OAX

Over the past few days, a great conversation on using the sampler feature recently introduced in OAX and VST’s. We have tried both. The comments have taken over a post that was really about the ability to use Yamaha styles on OAX. Not sure how many comments we might get on this topic, but I’ve started a new thread on this topic with this post. I’ll link to the earlier comments to make a little easier to catch-up on the conversation.

You should be able to find most of the earlier comments on this topic below:

On the one hand, the samples are easier to use once loaded and setup. If you prefer going the VST route, you have the option of loading a playback engine such as Kontakt (a free download) directly on the organ or externally on a Mac or PC attached to your Sonic via MIDI. Perhaps a little more setup required to get VST’s installed and configured, but once completed, it opens up an almost endless source of new sounds to be used as solo instruments or combined with many of the excellent sounds already onboard OAX.

Clearly two groups of folks out there. One groups favors VST while the other group, using samples directly in OAX, is a little smaller and quiet on the topic. Which do you prefer?

I sent Mark a sample in two formats to test with and looking forward to his comments on what he learns.

From an email I sent Mark earlier today:

In the attached zip file, you will find one sound in SF2 format. That one is for you to use with the folks you are talking with and have them convert it for you. That’s the format Ketron uses. Also included are the same sounds with the supporting *.wav files and *.sts file. You should be able to load that directly into OAX.

  1. Save the *.wav files and *.sts files to “\My Wersi\Sounds.”
  2. Select Upper1 (or whatever location you want for the sound).
  3. Touch “Sounds.”
  4. Touch “Import.”
  5. Navigate to the above location (Don’t remember if OAX looks there by default?).
  6. Select the user voice location where you want to save the sample.
  7. Touch “Save.”
  8. Touch “Load.”
  9. Play.
  10. You will notice the release is set WAY too high.
    1. Not sure if this is a Wersi issue or something messed up in the sts file? The same sound (the attached *.sf2 file) works as expected in our Ketron.
    2. To correct, touch the sound twice to get to edit screen where you can set reverb, delay, release, etc.
    3. Adjust to your taste.
    4. Also, I find that velocity is on. Perhaps a default on the OAX side. Not sure about that. Depending on the sample, you may want to turn on/off as needed.

The sound attached sample, “Strings 2,” is from a Crumar organ. Please post back what you learn so everyone following can learn a little about samples/OAX. Probably a good video series. We haven’t done a Wersi video in a long time!