Re-Install OAX on your Wersi Sonic

Whoops! The plan for today was to record a video and go over the “STS” (Sound to Style) features of the accompaniment section of OAX. As we started to do that we realized that some things on our Sonic were not working quite like they should.  We noticed we could hear random Brass or String sounds regardless of the Factory or User preset selected on the Upper Manual.

We tried “un-selecting” all sounds and setting all volume levels to zero, yet we were still able to play and hear both String and Brass sounds. Pretty clear that something was not getting reset as we changed presets.

Now, it’s no secret that we tend to try things out that are “un-documented”. It would appear that somewhere along the way we corrupted our install of OAX. We have no issues with that, as we mentioned, we know that we are doing things we are not supposed to do.

So, rather than a video on STS we present a video on how to re-install / refresh OAX and also how to backup / restore whatever user configurations you have made to the instrument.

Now that our Sonic is working correctly we will get back to work on that STS video… 🙂