Perhaps Just In Time for a Christmas Gift?

Good chance you might have received this info if you subscribe to Wersi Direct. In the event you don’t.  This was announced today (12/14/17):










WERSI DIRECT are pleased to confirm the release of the WAVE 3 software range after announcing it at the end of October. You can further expand your Sonic with the new software range from WERSI DIRECT.

You can view the new software titles here for further information on each product.

Wave 3: Andrew Lloyd Webber Hits, Vol.1

Wave 3: Christmas Collection

Wave 3: Klaus Wunderlich: WERSI Spectra

Wave 3: Sounds of the East.

Wave 3: World of Synths.

We also have a special offer of any 3 titles for £99-, which is a great Christmas treat.

Anyone ever used some of the other “WAVE” packages they offer? Not 100% what they are? I assume presets made by them and some of the artists that play for them?