OAX / VST – System Performance Part 1

There are two parts to our discussion of using the internal PC that ships with your OAX Sonic instrument. The first one relates to “Does it work”? The short answer to that question is YES, it does. The second half of that discussion will be does the PC, that is buried inside you Sonic, have enough “muscle” to support all of the various “OAX Functions” and also allow you to add in whatever VST you desire?

The answer to that is “we will see”. At this point, we are basing everything of off running only the Kontakt 5 player inside of OAX with the default sample libraries. So far, we are able to run the Native Instruments “Factory Library” and it works 100% as expected. Don’t forget that you may want to run other VST’s. You will need to consider that as you follow along with us.

Over the next few months we will be adding in additional sample libraries and we will share what we learn as we go. We can say that the opportunity of mixing in the samples we have up and running (via Kontakt) on a PC, not connected to our Sonic, into what sounds are available in OAX AND controlling all of that from our Sonic – well, EXCITING!

*** Disclaimer ***  As part of this we 100% plan to upgrade our Sonic to the 32 GB RAM max and we will also be adding a second SSD as we take this journey, If you plan to go down the “VST Path” with us,  we would strongly encourage you to the same.

At this point – our current configuration is working great and we expect the same as we add in additional samples, RAM and storage into our configuration.”