OAX / Ketron Mixed Together

Let’s do one last thing and show an example of using both OAX and Ketron sounds at the same time. In this short example, we have a Guitar from OAX assigned to Upper 1, and on Upper 2 we select a Guitar from Ketron and mix them together.

On Lower 1 we selected a sound on OAX that allows us to play chord changes and have the Ketron follow along and on Lower 2 we bring in the Stings1 voice from OAX.

2 thoughts on “OAX / Ketron Mixed Together

  • 01/21/2019 at 08:01

    Why do you always use the “Audio Record” when playing both the OAX and another MIDI device? Must it be on for it to work?

    • 01/21/2019 at 08:59

      Good question Spike,

      It’s an audio-only thing and has nothing to do with MIDI. I’m using the “Audio Record” function of OAX to capture whatever sounds I’m playing. It records both OAX and Ketron sounds. To do that I have the audio outputs of the Ketron plugged into the audio inputs of the Sonic.

      It gives us a better audio track for the sounds produced by either OAX or whatever external device is plugged into the audio inputs on the Sonic. versus recording with an open mic in the room.

      I save the wav file that the audio recorder creates, transfer it to the Mac where I edit the video and match up to the video.

      I still don’t have a good solution to record my voice when I’m downstairs talking about whatever I’m showing in the video. 🙁


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