OAX Drawbar Fun!

Little did we know how much discussion the mention of a drawbar related video would bring. Based on the feedback from everyone (THANKS to All!) we went back and finished up a high-level overview of the drawbar system(s) available in OAX.  Although we didn’t get a ton of response from our drawbar survey the results were interesting. As mentioned, we are clearly in the minority regarding how we use the drawbar system. Hmm – What’s wrong with that picture? Maybe nothing and that is the beauty of OAX! There are a ton of options and configurations allowing you to customize the system to your taste in drawbar sounds. 🙂

On a related note –  Thanks to to Bill who passed along an interesting site that everyone should take a look at as you mess around with drawbar settings

Enjoy and let us know how you use drawbars and what your favorite Drawbar settings are?