OAX 2.80-00 Details

Our Wersi friends were nice enough to share a few more details on the upcoming OAX 2.80x update:

Sound – New OX7

In the last few months we have completely changed the sound of the OX7 drawbars. Look forward to a new, fresh WERSI drawbar sound with the OX7-2.


Four rotor types have been added, adjustable volume for the percussion, KeyClick can be freely selected from four variations and you can choose from three variations for attack and release. Another interesting novelty concerns Slow / Fast for vibrato. This function can now also be controlled with the Slow / Fast control panel button.

Function – Glide-Effect (Hawaii)


The three new entries Glide Effect for the upper, lower, and solo manual are also found under the footswitch functions. When the corresponding footswitch is pressed (On), the pitch changes up or down depending on the set range. When the footswitch is released (off), playback will revert to normal pitch. With the “Auto” function, the glide effect runs automatically.

Function – Assignment of the CC and drawbar drawbars with other functions

With this extension, new functions can be assigned to the CC controller on the left and to the organ drawbar. Assign functions such as “WERSI Chord Volume” to the Zugrigel CC on the left-hand side or use this drawbar to control the effects for the microphone.

The organ drawbars are labeled with the numbers 1 to 16. Do you need e.g. the drawbars for the lower manual (10 to 16), you can regulate the percussion for the upper manual here.

Or use controls 1 to 16 for the volume of the 16 sequencer tracks when editing a MIDI sequence.


New Styles including four STS-Presets 

  • Basic Samba + by Brett Wales
  • Style Number: 1414
  • Mapping: Latin page 1
  • Basic 6/8 Ballad +“  by Brett Wales
  • Style Number: 706
  • Mapping: Ballad page 2

New Style Package created by Robert Bartha

A new style package is available with version 2.8. The styles were programmed by Robert Bartha, who brought his experience as a music producer here. The package with 10 new styles is available for € 149.

Styles: Schlagerfarben, Schlagerdiamant, Raggaeton, Shakafunk, Good Feeling Blues, Swing Era, Vintage Bossa, Shallow Ballad, Crazy Little Jive, Simply Rock

Item Number: KEY0004599-001                               Price: € 149.