OAX 2.6 is Here!


Places you can find OAX 2.6 and download:

Probably not new news to most of you, but OAX 2.6 is here. Dave reminded us this morning that we have been pretty quiet on this site. We have been posting a few things over on the Facebook page. Speaking of the FB page, we converted that over to a Facebook group, which does allow folks to start a new conversation on things and not wait on us.

One of the topics that came up over there is the latest version of OAX. At about the same time, a few comments popped up on this site under various topics, so we figured we should create a new post on the OAX 2.6 topic and let folks comment here.

Early on, it appears several folks are interested in the new sampler option. Not only how to use it, but where to find good quality samples to import.

Some of you may know that we released Vintage organ samples for Ketron products over the past few months over on the IMMusic site. We will be going back and converting those samples into the correct format to make them useable with 2.6. More to come on that when they are ready to go.

Check out a few demos of what those sound like:

Feel free to share your 2.6 experiences and knowledge with the rest of us here or over in the Facebook group.