OAX 2.5 and Yamaha Styles – First Look

For us, the sounds of OAS / OAX and even dating way back to the CD series of Wersi instruments have always been first class and beyond other organs. The thing that was lacking has always been the style section. They have always been to European or “Om-Pa” sounding type of styles.

Well, that has changed with OAX 2.5 and the ability to convert and import Roland and/or Yamaha styles. In our case, we opted to purchase the Yamaha style conversion option.

Follow along as we install OAX 2.5 and try out a Genos style in our Sonic.

In the coming days, we will be exploring and sharing some of the other OAX 2.5 features, but for us, the style section was by far the most significant improvement.

Let us know your thoughts on styles in your Wersi and if you plan to purchase either the Yamaha or Roland style converter packs?