OAX 2.0 Issues – Can You Help?

OAX 2.0 Issues – Something isn’t quite right?

We are starting an entirely new thread on OAX 2.0 issues based on some of the comments you folks posted on our original post. This started out with some e-mails between Jerry and myself, but after messing with his issue a little, I decided to document what I was seeing and at this point will ask anyone that is up and running on OAX 2.0 to comment on anything they find after upgrading to 2.0.

I’m going to send the video below to the Wersi team and also point them to this post so they can read/follow along with the comments from all of you so we can all help Wersi understand the issues we are seeing and hopefully that will make it easier for Wersi to release an update shortly to correct the issues in the base 2.0 release.

Please add your comments below