OAX 2.0 Has Been Released.

OAX 2.0 Officially Released and Available for Download

In the event you have not received the email directly from Wersi:


UPDATED 07/30Please feel free to read through this post but based on issues we and others have found we are starting a new thread on this topic and will be sharing with the Wersi team in hopes to help them understand what we (you) are seeing after the update to 2.0 so they can improve the product for all of us.


Dear OAX-customer,

The new version V2.00 is now available for download.

Which points have changed in the new software, you will see at the end of this e-mail under “What has changed”.

If you have saved your own VST preset, please note the following notes: Due to extensive changes in the VST host, you cannot transfer your self-created USER VST preset directly to the V 2.00. Before you install the V 2.00, please change the VST preset to the number 1 “Standard 1” in the factory area.

After the successful update to V2.00 you have to reassemble and save your VST configuration.

Note: with version V 2.0, the installation consists of 4 individual files. The total size of the four files has exceeded 8 gigabytes. So you need a USB stick with a size of at least 16 GigaByte.





Please copy the file to the root directory on a USB stick or a USB hard disk.

ATTENTION! If these files already exist in your private Windows Download folder, Windows expands the name of the new files with a number.
For example, WersiInstaller.exe then becomes WersiInstaller (2) .exe. These files cannot be processed by the OAX instrument.

Enclosed you find a PDF file. Work through the list point by point!

Your ideas for OAX
Missing still important functions in your SONIC OAX or may have ideas for further development of the OAX-system? Then send us an email: oax@wersi.net.

With musical greeting
Your WERSI OAX team