OAX 1.51 Update is Available

I’m WAY behind everyone else regarding the OAX 1.51 update that is now available. We were out of town most of yesterday plus we released a new product over on the IMMusic side of the house this morning.

There is a critical fix in OAX 1.51 implemented by Wersi that corrects an issue when switching between a Style and an audio file. It didn’t matter if the audio file was a WAV or an MP3. That was a problem on OAX 1.50-03, and as a result, we went back to OAX 1.50.01. We just updated from OAX 1.50-01 to OAX 1.51. No issues during the upgrade and so far, we have not run into anything not working as expected. The good news? We just tested the audio/style fix, and all of that works great now! Also, in OAX 1.51 there is a new feature that some may find helpful that adds some additional “hold” features. It’s called “Total Preset Live Settings.”

You can read more in the official note from Wersi.

Here’s a screenshot from our Sonic showing both the new  “Total Preset Live Settings” and a pending change from a MIDI file to a factory style:

OAX 1.51 Update