OAX 1.50 Manuals Translated to English

This should help folks like us that don’t speak “Deutsch”. Thanks to the folks that translated them from the German version to English. You may find a few paragraphs here-n-there that read a little awkward but still MUCH better than no manual at all. Also note that the various screen shots are still in German as the translation isn’t able to “read” inside the graphic images to convert them.

Looking forward to the officially released version from Wersi that is 100% translated. For now:

Here’s how to replace the older English copies on your Sonic after you upgrade to 1.50.

2 thoughts on “OAX 1.50 Manuals Translated to English

  • 10/05/2017 at 08:13

    I am so glad that you provided a link to the OAX owner’s manual, as it is fascinating and what I love about the OAX, is that it includes the OX-7, with sustain effects to the drawbars (Bell like fading effects). That was my favorite feature of the OX-7, playing arpeggios with the drawbars in sustain mode. The only thing that I wished that Wersi would bring back, is the arpeggiator/Arpeggio Magic strip that was once available on later analog Wersi the W-2, W-3 series, and WSKT Galaxy, where you play a chord on the lower keyboard and slide your finger across that strip and it arpeggiates the upper keyboard voices. Also, I also wished that there was an automatic arpeggiator, like the Magic Fingers Group that was once available on the Wersi Comet or the Wersi Harp that was incorporated in the Wersi Sound Computer.

  • 10/04/2017 at 17:32

    Hi All,
    After upgrade I also thought the sound was much improved very impressed – did not mention at first as I was not sure if it was just me, distortion seems a lot less??



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