OAX 1.50-03 -DON’T Install It

If you haven’t installed OAX 1.50-03 yet – DON’T. Turns out after some more run time and feedback from both Ross and Jaap there are some issues with the “03” version.

It appears the default reverb settings have changed. Not a showstopper but not expected. This next one is a deal breaker:

If you load a sound file (wav or mp3) and play it, no problem. If you to load an OAX style afterwards it will show up as loaded, in the Style section of the screen, but rather than the selected style playing the wav or mp3 file starts again.  It requires a reboot of OAX before you can load a style.

I’m in the process of down-leveling back to 1.50-01 and will update this post once completed.