OAS vs. OAX-1.x vs. OAX-2.0

Let’s do another compare!

OAX-2.0 has been out for a while now. Over that time we have observed a fair number of comments. Some positive, some, not so much!

Now that most of us have had some “runtime” on OAX 2.0 it seems like a perfect time to dust off our first compare of OAS vs. OAX 1.x but this time, add in OAX 2.0.

We went back and dusted off the *.wav files we used in the first compare. This time we took the same MIDI file and recorded it using OAX 2.0. No changes were done to any settings (vol, voice selected, etc.). In our case, we have the EQ section of the organ configured with the Wersi supplied parameters for a “700LS”.

We will release in new tune every couple of days for the next week or so and look forward¬†to the comments as there have been some reasonably¬†negative remarks regarding the direction that Wersi took with OAX 2.0 and the many “new/modified” voices. Let the fun begin!

Air recorded on OAS
Air recorded on OAX 1.x
Air recorded on OAX 2.0