OAS / OAX Sound Demo – Tune#6

Next up in our OAS – OAX comparison project? Something called Anglo-Polka. Does anyone know if that is the actual name of the tune? I’ll admit this is not a tune that I know or recognize. This one should generate a little discussion. In addition to the drum track, there are a number of differences in many of the other tracks and the way they sound between OAS and OAX. Curious to see what others think of this comparison?

Almost the same as before:

  1. OAS version is first.
  2. Next, the OAX version using the MIDI file with the levels as set by OAS.
  3. And then the OAX version with a couple of changes to the original MIDI file.
    1. As mentioned above, we have all noticed on the other songs there is a difference in the drum samples.
    2. This will tie back to a comment that Jerry made on the last tune.
      1. In this case, the “Styx” sound is a little too loud for me, so I turned down the volume of the drum track.
      2. The issue with that is it also lowered the “other” drum parts too much.
      3. That brings us back to the discussion with John about having the ability to do “MIDI edits” directly in OAX – Something that isn’t available currently unless you add software to that.
  4. I did cheat a little on this one – To me, the Tuba part is playing an octave to low so on the OAX “re-mix” version I did raise that track up and octave and also lowered the volume of the drum track.
    1. Agree or disagree with that change?


For reference, here are the volume levels in the MIDI file before and after the changes that I made on OAX:





And here’s the screen used to change the octave on the Tuba part. To get to this screen you need to click on the “Edit” button on the track you want to modify. Notice you can also change a few other things like the Panning, Reverb, Chorus, and Delay.