OAS / OAX Sound Demo – Tune#1

Here we go with the first tune in our comparison of playing the same MIDI file on OAS and then on OAX. In the Introduction article, I mentioned something called “normalization”. Just in case you have no idea what the heck I’m talking about:

Audio normalization is the application of a constant amount of gain to an audio recording to bring the average or peak amplitude to a target level (the norm). Because the same amount of gain is applied across the entire recording, the signal-to-noise ratio and relative dynamics are unchanged.

With that said let’s get to it! In alphabetical order, the first tune is Achy Breaky Heart. We did a couple of things.

  1. We used a feature in Logic Pro X to normalize the wav file created on OAS that Bill sent us so it’s pretty close to the same volume level as the wav file we created on OAX.
  2. Next, we recorded the MIDI file exactly as it was sent with no changes to the volume level of the individual tracks.
    1. We quickly found that we were not able to hear some of the tracks very well.
    2. Said another way. The level of some of the sounds in OAX are not the same as they are in OAS.
  3. So we have three recording for you to compare:
    1. The OAS version.
    2. The OAX version using the volume levels as they were set in the MIDI file.
    3. The OAX version with some changes to the volume levels in the MIDI file.
  4. There are clearly some differences between OAS and OAX. I’ll be very interested to hear everyone’s comments and which version they prefer.


For reference here’s the volume levels in the MIDI file before and after the changes that I made on OAX:

Achy Breaky Heart_NoMix
Achy Breaky Heart_NoMix


Achy Breaky Heart_ReMix
Achy Breaky Heart_ReMix