OAS / OAS Upgrade Tips

Some good tips that Bill sent in regarding upgrading either OAS or OAX on your instrument:

A number of users seem to have problems after upgrades which seems completely random, (Some have problems and some don’t) however this is not new as it also occurred with OAS, but here is what usually works in OAS.

  1. Make a backup of all your settings.
  2. DO NOT choose the upgrade option but instead, choose the fresh install option. (This should clear out any rogue elements)
  3. Before you press the Install complete button, untick the box to start OAX.
  4. Press and hold the on-screen Microsoft Button (Bottom left) until the menu appears and then select power, re-start.
  5. Check to make sure everything is working correctly.
  6. Restore your settings from your backup.

OAS OAX Upgrade

Thanks, Bill!