Svetozar reached out to us via e-mail regarding a special edition of his Musikschule-Radic-Newsletter and we thought we would pass it along to all of you. Items #3 & #4 may be of interest to some?

… sending you my current newsletter in English for a special occasion, because we lost two important Wersi people here at an interval of only 3 weeks: Mark Whale died of a stroke at the age of 53 on April 31 and Curt Prina died of dementia at 89 on May 18. In my monthly course newsletter, I dealt with Mark Whale and, in his memory, made a completely new edition of the sheet music special “The Best Of Mark Whale”. I will deal with Curt Prina in the next weeks and am collecting all information about him at the moment. If you have meaningful pictures of Curt, please send them to me. If you have interested customers, I would be pleased to forward the newsletter.

With best regards,

Svetozar Radic


Dear music friends!

1. The current May-Month-Course-No.381 is finished. The selection of titles this time is as follows: The first title MWP-Nr.1377, Traumland-Melodie, is a trumpet title of the group “Dolomiten Sextett Lienz”, which was able to assert itself on all world stages for 30 years through musical variety, first-class show performances, and a professional brass section! The second title MWP-Nr.1378, Les Cornichons is actually a medley of K.-Wunderlich – but all information is missing – however: Les Cornichons alone is a “hammer” title! The third title MWP-Nr.1379, Abba-Medley was written spontaneously in memory of the organist MARK WAHLE, with whom I personally worked for a long time at the organ company WERSI. I have also reworked “his” special volume! The fourth title MWP-Nr.1380, Going Home can be heard as a “lyrical” classic hit version of Symphony No.9 by Antonin Dvorak (“From the New World”), which was selected here in memoriam for James Last from the stock of special editions! Have fun!

2. The current practical tip concerns 3 very useful operating Tipps for YouTube, with which one can deal still better with this fantastischen (fantastic) music and video portal:

3. The special volume “Best Of Mark Whale” has been revised to reflect current events and is available with a total of 11 Mark Wale titles, whereby the original selection of 8 titles can now be changed as required:

4. MARK WHALE in memoriam

Your Internet music companion
S. Radic