MIDI and OAX??

Our good friend Ross sent us a note asking about MIDI and OAX. As you may / may not not know, just about everything on your Sonic is based on some type of MIDI communication.  99.9% of that is hidden from you. Where it starts to get interesting is when you decide to start working with one of my favorites (adding VST’s to your Sonic) or running physical cables to some external MIDI device. In my case that was a Roland Integra 7 sound module. It worked just fine and we went over a very basic config in this video.

In Ross’s case, he is working with a Ketron SD-40 . While Ross and I are off trading emails on getting that to work (hopefully), it brings up a good question. How much interest would folks have in a video or two and starting some discussions on what you can / can’t do with the current OAX MIDI implementation on OAX?

Post your comments and thoughts below. I’ve rearranged my studio (many times) over the past 6 months and currently I don’t have anything connected to my Sonic via MIDI. Doesn’t mean that I can’t, but currently, we don’t have an external MIDI config up and running to test / learn / share “stuff” on.

Any other Sonic owners running external MIDI devices? Is this a topic that others are interested in and would like to explore in more detail?

**Updated 11/03/17 – Based on feedback and overall interest we started a MIDI topic here.