Let’s Talk OAX 1.50

You guys have all been very busy over the past couple of days talking about updated manuals, setting input / output mixer levels and then there is the topic –> “Where is OAX 1.50”?

Bill passed along a little “trick”. I’m downloading now and as Bill mentioned, I can say the files sizes are different. I’m booked the rest of tonight working on an IMMusic project but will attempt to install on my Sonic in the morning. If you’re not quite as brave as I am stand-by until Wed. 10/04 and I’ll let you know what I learn.

*** UPDATE AS 0f Wed. 10/04/17 ***

We are up and running on OAX 1.50. The install process is the same as it has been in the past. It takes 5 minutes or less once you copy the needed files to the root of a USB drive. See the link in the comments below from Bill for more information on what has changed in 1.50. I have not spent much time with it yet but I will start going through the “Bug List” over the next few days and see what is fixed. If you reported any of those items please test and report your findings after you upgrade to the new level. I can say that all the VST stuff I’ve been messing with is all still in place and working after the upgrade.

For us non-German speaking folks – I won’t say there is no German but there is clearly LESS! 🙂

Let the testing begin.